The CCEdit is a Spin-out in development from the Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology at the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia, led by Prof Dr Roman Jerala. In 2018, he obtained an ERC Advanced Grant for the project MaCChines, enabling development of the science and technology in the field of self-assembling biotech nanostructures. This innovative science produced results with applied and commercial potential such as enhanced CRISPR/Cas technology.

Last year, we filed a patent application on the improvement of the CRISPR method. Our objective is to demonstrate enhanced gene-editing technology CRISPR/Cas for therapy and biotechnological use for plants, micro-organisms, and mammalian cells. During the project in a timeframe of 18 months, we are focusing our efforts on testing the technology in the field of gene-related immunological disorders such as cancer.

The translation is currently done with seed funding, a Proof-of-Concept grant, awarded by the European Research Council.

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Prof Dr Roman Jerala, Head of Department for Synthetic Biology and Immunology.

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Translation of the science and promotion of this project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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Research quality emphasized through many aspects of our work 

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Prestigious Translational Funding awarded ERC Advanced and Proof of Concept Grants

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Excellence in Life Sciences, led by Prof Dr Roman Jerala a member of EMBO

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Mission statement

We aim to translate this science and enhance the entrepreneurial culture within the Department by connecting with biotech clusters and business organisations in the UK. This will enable to bridge gaps that Slovenian Life Sciences projects traditionally face, such as the lack of the industry’s recognition, special skills and experiences in commercialisation process, and access to new partnerships. By training young Department’s researches and providing examples from the UK, we aim to increase the number of innovative biotech Start-ups.

The CCEdit mission is to enhance the gene-editing technology, translate it to commercial applications and enrich the Slovenian biotech Start-up sector.

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CCEdit Team


Prof Dr Roman Jerala

Principal Scientific Investigator and Project Leader

Dr Duško Lainšček

Preclinical Stage Specialist

Tbizjak Slikaaa
Tomaž Bizjak, MPhil

Business and Technology Transfer Manager


Advisory Board

Dave Hampton Camstenta
Dr David Hampton

Business and Strategy Consultant


Assisted with R&D personnel

National Institute of Chemistry
Dr Vida Forstnerič
Špela Malenšek, Msc

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