‘How to finance Biotech Start-ups?’, with Dr Jernej Godec

CCEdit continues the mission to advance biotechnology innovation and translation into the clinic, and foster entrepreneurship in Slovenia.

For this, we recently hosted Jernej Godec, Ph.D. a Senior Associate at Atlas Venture. Atlas Venture is a Cambridge, MA (USA)-based venture capital firm investing in innovative companies developing novel therapies. The firm has a long track record and has both founded and invested in a number of impactful companies, including Alnylam, Kymera, Generation Bio, Dyne, to just name a few.

Dr. Godec discussed the venture capitalist’s view on biotechnology start-ups, academic technologies, the considerations taken into account when fundraising, and the process of securing an investment and building a company.

Given the challenges of solely leveraging the limited means for private investments in the resource-intense biotechnology industry, it is imperative for Slovenian entrepreneurs to bridge those gaps with partners abroad. Thus we look forward to continuing to build these valuable relationships in the future. This workshop was a part of the ongoing Biotechnology Entrepreneurship lecture series led by the CCEdit team.